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November 16, 2012
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Chapter 1: This one.
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: Part A: [link] Part B: [link].
Chapter 5: Not Released Yet.
Chapter 6: Not Released Yet.
Chapter 7: Not Released Yet.

Well, here is my first chapter :D (it could be better and the story doesn't fit in some points... but despise it I'm proud of do it :iconchocoloveplz: ).

- Warning spoilers of RE6
- Warning it contain audio (carefull with the volume XD)
- Warning long text, it has images, but also a lot of text, it could take some minutes to fullfill it.

26 mb, sorry >.< But despise optimize in texts formats and cut some songs to make them shorters, just images increase the value over 22mb... Q.Q


Jessica Sherawatt: Adngel ([link]).
Raymond Vester: Adngel (another re-mix of objects).
Underwater monster: MrGameBoy2012 [link] (I changed the colour texture).
Inside creature: toughraid3r37890 [link]
Piers Nivans: Maurox (I changed the eye texture).
Wully: The head by fullm8n and the body by toughraid3r37890.
Chris Redfiedl: Adngel (textures extracted by BSAAgirl)
BSAA Boss: MrGameboy
Jill Valentine LittleMissWesker [link]

Construction: Adngel (TRLE, I'm still being lazy XD).
Objects: Fallout 3 (extracted by Adngel) Silent Hill Homecoming (extracted by The Fil).
BSAA people: Adngel (are my OC's XD).
BSAA soldiers: Goreface13 [link]

Unity 3d
Tomb Raider Level Editor
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Flash Player
Cool Edit Pro 2.1
(And Microsoft Word, but thats is extern :p )
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Amazing!!!!! Es el segundo fanfic que miro, y no dejo de sorprenderme de las historias que cada uno se imagina, es extremadamente muuuy ingenioso, la verdad, esta muy muy bueno. Felicitaciones! :D Lo podria publicar en una pagina de facebook? (que es de fanaticos del RE) y obviamente, tendra tu nombre y facebook o pagina (solo si quieres) a favs! :D
Por mi no hay ningún inconveniente :D (Bueno, la historia aún no está terminada, tengo el capítulo 5 a mediohacer y después faltan el último y el epílogo O.ò, deseo acabarla pero se me va a alargar un poco :S) 

En fin, historietillas para disfrutar más del RE world :3 (no todo son parejitas y yaoi XD).
Es verdad, es verdad :D 

Bueno lo voy a publicar, dspues te pasare el link de la pagina en una nota :D
CMosser Sep 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! I can't stop watching!
Is Wonderfull *w*
ç.ç and sad... Pierssssss ç.ç
i love your work ( and comics )
MrDeath13 Mar 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
como no he visto esto antes o.o?¿....

Ya sabia yo que Piers no podia terminar ''asi'' y punto... XD

En serio, me ha encantado, voy de cabeza a verme los demas capitulos.
Es una currada, de verdad
Yo me niego a que terminé "así" D: Y como Capcom está guardando un silencio sepulcral sobre el tema, pues yo aprovecho para fantasear un poco con este comic :3
MrDeath13 Mar 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ojala Capcom te escuche por dios.... XD

Lo dicho, te lo has currado pero bien, por mi puedes seguir fantaseando tooooodo lo que quieras :3
When Jill was watching Chris and said she never stopped looking for him, my heart fluttered. I think Jill never did stop looking for him in the events of RE6. This was amazing, can't wait for chapter 2, I'll watch it now :D
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