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November 16, 2012
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Adelina Esperanza Granado Espada by Adngel Adelina Esperanza Granado Espada by Adngel
Version 1.0 (16 Nov 2012).

Mediafire: [link]

(If any link is broken, please, don't hesistate in say me, noting to me or posting in this same deviant).

I played Granado Espada some years ago, but I didn't arrive very far (level 30 or 40) and I neither found Adelina, so I don't know a lot about this pirate woman.

This model what I did was the port, from a RE4 mod to XnaLara, so the rigging and bones construction it's not mine.

Face and finger are not poseable, I tried do a small face riging, but the model hasn't got mouth, and the eyeball, is a stuck texture, when I rotated it, the eyeball didn't have more "nice" texture to show, so I decided leave it static.

Objects are not optional by default (cause if I do it, that would force the mod to be executed on XPS 10.8.5 or higher). But if you have any of this versions, you can do the optional objects yourself choosing materials. ("Anduril_Blade" and "Blade_Hand" are the sword she has on her hand, the sword which she has on her back is "Blade_Back").

Things to do...
Do a finger rigging to her.

Adelina Esperanza is a character of Granado Espada, property of IMC Gamers Co Ltd.
Ported by: Adngel
The resource was a request so I don't know more data.
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Peonage Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
could anyone make REckless emilia and Eva sharon for XNA please????? I really really have been looking for them and requesting people but no one has done it yet. :(
I specially love REckless emilias black banshee costume.
I've found a package of GE models, (300 mb) I don't know if those two characters will be inside the package, in a while I'll tell.

But if they are as this Adelina, it's very posible that I won't be able to do a facial rig.
Peonage Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can you send me the DL link for GE models?? thanks
Nou, it's wrong, when I downloaded it, it has several characters but not playeable (it looks like pnc`s ?).

Anyway the links is that one which I wrote back there.
The package in 2 parts: [link] (in case I lost it @.@)
Arrg, monsters and NPC, but not main characters @.@ Not luck there.
I extracted models off the game. Weird how they look so good without normal maps.
ringeladingdong Nov 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
This is awesome!! Too bad the face and fingers aren't poseable. :(
Yeah, I should take a bit more effort and add finger rigging, any day when I feel bored I'll do. :p

The face I couldn't, it require more work than rigging, she need a mouth model (teeth, tongue, vocal cavity) and retexture her eyes. :(
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