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September 30, 2012
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Ada Wong RE6 Tall Oaks Outfit by Adngel Ada Wong RE6 Tall Oaks Outfit by Adngel
Version 3.0 (15 Nov 2012)
Skydrive : [link] (
Mediafire : [link]

Version 2.1 (06 Oct 2012) - Deleted.

Version 2.0 (06 Oct 2012) - Deleted.

Version 1.0 (30 Sept 2012).

(If any link is broken, please, don't hesistate in say me, noting to me or posting in this same deviant).

I was going to do Carla, but then this model appeared and... and.. and... I'M A FAN PRO-ADA!! :D

I find her very different from the RE4 model, but she sill is great :)

This is the model which :iconthefil: posted here:

Things to do:
Waiting for suggestions O.˛?

Ada Wong is a character of Resident Evil 6, property of Capcom.
Model extracted by Soroosh
Model Rigged and ported in XNA Lara by Adngel

Thank you to :iconnemesisbg23: for that link to Ada's normal textures :D (now Ada can show her legs as she deserve :p)

Update notes:

Version 3.0 (15 Nov 2012)
Fixed a rigging problem in finger of the right hand.
The head neck lower has been changed to can be used without influence with shoulders.

Version 2.1 (06 Oct 2012)
Changed the normal maps done by me for the normal maps extracted of the XBox360's game.

Version 2.0 (06 Oct 2012)
- Add some normal mappings created by me, no the original from the game yet.
- Fixed a rigging problem in the wrist.
- Rigged the hair as I could >.<.
- Change some specular values in clothes, hair and lips. (shines).
- Bones renamed.
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Angel Program Upload Charter The Ada Pliis?
/-------------------------------------/ English

My apologies, I don't archieve to understand what you want to say. :icondizzyplz:

- The program used is XPS, you can find the links to download it on the :iconxnalaraitalia: journals, at the end.
- This Ada mod, has its links in the description, under the picture (I change them sometimes when I update the mod).

That's answer your question? O.˛

/-------------------------------------/ Spanish

Mis disculpas, no consigo entender lo que me estßs diciendo. :icondizzyplz:

- El programa utilizado es el XPS, puedes encontrar los links de descarga en los diarios de :iconxnalaraitalia: , En el final de cada entrada.
- Este mod de Ada, tiene sus links de descarga en la descripciˇn, debajo de la imagen (A veces los modifico cuando actualizo el mod).

Era eso lo que preguntabas? O.˛
Ada is the best character in the series, love her! Can you do a nude model?
At the moment I have other preferencies, but is you need a nude Ada, you can use:
- The Pinkie Pie version…
- Or the Couture version:…

In my prox ports, the nude Ada model that performs on the begining of her campaign, is almost ready to upload (I just need test and make images), but it's not such detailled, it's interesting for modding for the sizes but for explicit erotic pics. It may be a bit... "uncompleted".  However the said, I want focus on other unfinished mods that I have overe there too O.˛
Cool, thanks!
anorexianevrosa Jun 25, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
i beg you!!! fix this backface culling and always force face culling for fairy tale sheva!!!! please!!!
This Sheva? [link]

But it's fine O.˛, I load her on XPS and automatically, the Back-Face Culling option is activated, so black squares on her skirt doesn't appear.

How are the bugs which you are experiencing?
anorexianevrosa Jun 25, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
yeah.. i want to ask how you can remove the backfaces... i really hate them.. cna you remove the backfaces??
On the control window of the XPS, go to:
Options-> Bake-face culling
Option -> Always force face-culling

Playing with those 2 options, you can play a bit with that issue of the back faces.

With XPS models, it's tried that they activated this options automatically, but sometimes, if the user has alrady activate/desactivated them, that call of the model won't work, so it must need do it manually.
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