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November 17, 2012
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Ada Wong RE6 Chinese Dress Outfit by Adngel Ada Wong RE6 Chinese Dress Outfit by Adngel
Version 2.1 (25 Jul 2014)

Version 2.0 (23 Jul 2014)

Version 1.0 (17 Nov 2012)
Mediafire :…

(If any link is broken, please, don't hesistate in say me, noting to me or posting in this same deviant).


IMPORTANT NOTE: To use this model, you must switch on the option "Back-face culling" in the XPS, otherwise, you will see several double textures through the dress.

Usually I delete those backfaces, but in this case, they have a different texture (the purple cloth), and I won't delete it, it's part of the dress style, so a puntual solution is that option, with it active, the dess is shown correctly.


Model Updated :D, the skirt is not as flexible, but actually, my original rigging was more clunky >.<, so now the skirt is less flexible but have better shapes. (as it's the rigging of the game so... XD)

To use the golden version, you'll need a XPS version higher to the 10.9.3, you can obtain it from here: :iconxnalaraitalia:

Image with the both dresses:…


25 Jul 2014  2.1
* Added the blue flower texture, to the white dress.

23 Jul 2014  2.0
* Re-extracted from the game, with game bones.
* Textures from PC version
* Cinematic head rigging
* Optional earrings.
* Hair and dress duplicated (you should use the XPS options "Back-face culling" and "Always Force Culling" to avoid the clipping.
but if for any reason it's not possible on your scene, you also can show or hide the inside hair faces with the Control+A menu).

Maliweii's script
3ds Max 2011
Mariokart64n's Xnalaraconverter

17 Nov 2012  1.0
While more I watch it, more I love that dress *.* (except when I have to rig it >.<). Seriously, the skirt is a nightmare D: If anyone can solve it, please do it XD

For the moment it's poseable, but it need a lot of fix (rotate properly, move bones, etc...) (a nightmare as I said...), except when it's need to sit her, she can't. (well, she can but the if my groins rigging are poor, with that skirt, better don't look).

Well, excluding that inevitable issue, the other problem was in her fingers, I placed the bones, but in some moment they should have move that now doesn't fit with articulations :( , well, I can solve this in a future when I get a rest XD

After all, I think it's useable for easy poses, (stand poses) and things like that. For the rest, welll that, skirt bones need being moving and special dedication :S

By other side, this time I broke my scheme with the models performance, I had already done the image with the smile and all body, but testing, I did this pose and... that white dress it's so cool *.*
(The classic image:…

Model extracted by Soroosh
Model Rigged and ported for XNA Lara by Adngel
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Finlandyashagirl Featured By Owner 5 days ago
aaaawesome!! :squee:
Battousai13 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013
CaWoow Featured By Owner May 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
SOO cool outfit, but where can i download XNALara?
Adngel Featured By Owner May 31, 2013
Hi CaWoow.

I take the XPS from this group: :iconxnalaraitalia: because in its journal, they use to place the last version and their new features. But it looks like that its latests versions are detected as a virus to some Antivirus, so alternative ways, I suposse would be look for another mirror in youtube.

The full name is "XNALara Posing Studio"
The last version is "10.9.5"
Developed by "DusanPavlicek" and "XNAaraL".
This is the forum of the tool: [link]

It's a free tool, so if anyone ask you whatever cost, don't pay, it will be a con.
CaWoow Featured By Owner May 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for your reply. I already found it thanks. ^.~
PurityCandy Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Reminds me of Fong Ling from RE: Dead aim.
LingLostHappinesXiao Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
That's the best model i've found! Thank you very much :D
xbox360xan Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
cool sexy ada, bud i wont Sherry school girl costume
xxClaireBearxx1 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Ok so for me at least when I use her she has blue squares on her dress but in this picture they're not on her dress. I've tried deleting her and redownloading and the same thing keeps happening. I don't know if it's my comps fault *i have xps 10.8.5* or something else.
Adngel Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
Hi ClaireBear.

Try check the option "Back-face culling" in the XPS, I think that the problem you has saying is related with the double textures of the dress.
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